Strawberries & Champagne is a full-service destination events management company. We are committed to designing and producing effective events and PR solutions with the highest quality results.

To continuously exceed our clients’ expectations, we’ve perfected the Strawberries & Champagne pop – that dynamic combination of innovation, originality and commitment that set us apart.

We believe in designing stories and memorable experiences.
Our specialty is new-fashioned weddings, and on your big day, anything is possible. When it comes to planning, we encourage couples to think adventurously and color outside the lines. Once you’ve imagined the perfect way to celebrate the rest of your life together, sit back and we’ll take care of the rest.

In addition to breathtaking wedding receptions, Strawberries & Champagne offers concierge services to out-of-town wedding guests. From family tours of Lebanon to salon recommendations and emergency doctor appointments, we’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure every last request is accommodated.
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When it comes to corporate events, we take a 360-degree approach. Strawberries & Champagne has experience producing boutique openings, product launches, press conferences, fashion shows and private parties that elevate your brand image and deliver results.
Behind the scenes, we manage travel accommodations, team outings and concierge services for corporate groups of all sizes, providing white-glove treatment for every attendee.

And we don’t stop when the last guest hangs up her heels. Offering clients below the line communications services both before and after events, we also build awareness through marketing and public relations activity: press outreach, direct email campaigns and other targeted methods. We call it the Strawberries & Champagne buzz.
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Wedding bands, sun & sand...

If your dream day includes a fantasy destination, consider us your fairy godmother. We’ll make any wedding wish a reality at a number of picturesque locations, from exotic, sun-drenched beaches to romantic cobblestoned cities.

Working closely with couples on their chosen theme and concept, we create made-to-measure destination weddings that fulfill every desire down to the last detail.

Our extensive experience and a network of partners including Wild Discovery allow for a relaxed, seamless experience. All aspects of planning – flights, paperwork requirements, pre-wedding events, expert hair and makeup, 24-hour assistance and everything between – are included in our destination wedding package.

For a bride and groom, the hardest part will be deciding what to pack for the trip of a lifetime.
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building lifetime

Dear Jessy,

Thank you for giving us our dream wedding. The venue was more than stunning and the entertainment flawless. You were always there when we needed you. As I told you on the night, you run the staff like a military commander. When things went wrong you managed them with coolness on precision. When they closed the roads you got the guests police escorts to the venue. When a wedding planner does her job well people don’t realise that she is even there. To us the night went so smoothly that it felt like we had another friend to celebrate with us. Lots of love
– Mila & Badr
Our dear Jessy, Cherine, and Paul, and Strawberries and Champagne team,

Where do we even begin? How do we put in words our gratitude for the absolute HEROIC stunt you pulled to make our wedding a dream, beyond our wildest imaginations? You made fantasies we didn’t even know we had came true… despite the crazy challenges that were thrown your way. We absolutely LOVED our wedding and still can’t believe how it all happened— you were the single most important factor in making it what it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

I was already in love with your work from Instagram before meeting you, but we fell in love with you and your team working with you—you were all so personable, responsive (at all times of day and night!), attentive, patient and thoughtful. You “got us” from the beginning. Even though we were connecting on Skype, continents away from each other, you worked hard to get to know us and our tastes, and to help us understand what we wanted. We wanted funky and industrial and modern and metallic and unique and traditional and classy and vibrant and fun and Italy and Lebanon… all at the same time (sorry!!!). What did that even mean? We didn’t even know, but you figured it out! You stood ready to take on the challenge of putting on this wedding for us in a short three months, and it really felt like you did not consider any challenge too big (and as it turned out, boy were you tested..). You suggested the most amazing ideas, and created a concept worthy of a Hollywood production (and a Dior fashion show ;))—within the budget that we had agreed on when we first met. You worked with us on every detail to make sure we loved every color, every material, every prop, every aspect, every idea. You were so, so, so patient with us, as we struggled to make decisions. You gave us advice that came from both your heart and your experience, and at every turn, it was the best advice possible.You know the ins and outs of the process and industry like no other: your professionalism, kindness and CREATIVITY are unparalleled. We were in the best hands possible, and we felt it. You made us excited for the wedding, and we thanked our lucky stars for you every night in the lead up to it.

And then the October Revolution hit a week before our wedding. Everything was closed; the roads were blocked; we didn’t know whether the vendors were still going to be able to provide their services, or whether our guests were even going to show up. But even that wasn’t too big a challenge for you! Thank you for staying positive and confident (and acting as our therapist!), and taking every possible load off our shoulders. We still can’t believe how you planned and created a new wedding in a new venue in three days. Thank you SO MUCH for your tireless work. Thank you for your vision! We were SO overcome with emotion when we walked into our ceremony and saw how stunning it looked. It could not have been more perfect—we know we are biased, but we think it was the most beautiful setting ever.

As we notified our guests of the changes in plans, everyone asked how we were pulling this off, and we had one answer “we have the best wedding planners in the world.” We really did!!! Jessy, you are a magician, a heroine, a star, a legend!!! We dream, and you make it happen. You are miracle workers! Not even a revolution (literally) could get in your way! It was extraordinary. You are extraordinary! You embraced the most stressful and most difficult circumstances and delivered a truly REVOLUTIONARY wedding for us and our guests!! We wanted unique, we got unique :) You made us fall even more in love with Lebanon, and gave our guests a glimpse of how amazing our country and people are. There is no such thing as impossible for you!!!!

Working with you was the best decision of our wedding and the greatest honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did. Thank you for your friendship. No words can suffice. But we will never forget all you and the team did, and we will forever be grateful. We hope to host you in the US and/or in Sardinia (please come visit! We miss you!!!), and no matter where we find ourselves together next, we hope to cheers and reminisce on this wild, beautiful adventure that you made happen.


From the bottom of our hearts, GRAZIE MILLE / SHUKRAN KTIR!

– Nada & Gianluca
All you do , you do with Love, that's why you're the best.

Dear Miss Bubbly,
Thank you for making one of the happiest days of our lives happen!
We wish you love, joy, and an unlimited number of bubbles !
– Tinia & Hanna
Thank your for being the guardian angel of our lifetime celebration ,
and for making our wedding week a magical one!
On t'aime Jess !!
– Kiko & Tracy :)
Thank you from all my heart!!!

Dear Strawberries and Champagne Team,

Excuse my email over 3 weeks later, but they’ve been quite an interesting full few weeks!

Now that I have a few minutes to myself, I would like to thank you all for making our wedding so magically "real", reflecting who we are and allowing us to be extremely comfortable, enough to be none other but ourselves and to have pure fun! For me, it was one big party, and I had the time of my life! I can also safely say it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to, and that's the feedback I'm getting from so many friends and family members as well. The setup, floor plan, decorations, flowers... nothing anyone has seen before and so full of life!

Isabelle, thank you for your patience with the website and for making sure we had everything we needed there.

Olga, the card was the perfect preview to our wedding and it set the tone for so many things in the actual event. I even sent it to the pastry chef and said "See this? Can you please turn it into our cake?!" :)

Cherine, I know how difficult it was for you to work on our imperfect floor plan, but I must say for me it was absolutely perfect! It was also so comforting to look around and see your pretty smiley face alongside Jessy's throughout!

And last but not least, Jessy, you nailed it! You got us, and then you nailed every detail. You made planning this wedding with you so smooth. I remember not freaking out once, except for that last minute meltdown where I was almost questioning my own existence, but I blame it on the hormones! Apart from that, you made us feel so at ease that I found my perfectionist self not worried a single bit about any of the details.

There is so much I can say and so much I am thankful for, but now the plumber's here and my few minutes to myself are over. Thank you all again so much; it was a pleasure planning our big day with you and even a bigger pleasure having you there with us, always with beautiful smiles, on the day!

See you soon! :)


– Stephanie.

It's not a secret , it was "un coup de foudre" for us from the get-go!
Thank you for being so patient with us , and planning our dream wedding so brilliantly.
We are so grateful to have you! You made our special day just that much more special!
Wedding planner Extraordinaire!
– Farah & Bastien
We wanted to thank you so much for the lovely journey and the very successful wedding party!
When we took the decision to organise it in Lebanon . we were very worried and anxious , but that was before we met you.
You made the wedding preparations a memorable , relaxing and enjoyable experience . Beyound your creativity ,availability and responsiveness , we've worked with a charming , very professional and genuine person that was always here for us.
We enjoyed every single part of it.
Thank you for having made it possible and so great!
We wish you all the best and hope that we'll keep in touch :)
– Mel & Z
Dear Jessy,

Thank you so much for everything that you did.
Thank you for putting up with our families and all the suppliers (and for being our shrink at some points!)
Our wedding day was perfect thanks to all your efforts. You are no longer our wedding planner , we consider you our friend and hope you will come visit us in L.A.
We wish you all the best.
– Raymond & Marilyn
Merci encore pour ton professionnalisme et ton efficacité, c'était un plaisir de travailler avec toi.
Nous avons eu beaucoup de succès à chacun de nos projets et pour cette raison je te remercie et je te dis à la prochaine!
– Mery Barakat , SGBL
"Looking back at our big day, I just had to send you this small thank you note for all your efforts especially when I think that I wouldn’t change a single detail in the wedding.

Jessy, how could I thank you enough for literally making our dream wedding come true. You did everything so perfectly, we were stress free in the process of preparation and overwhelmed by how smooth and organized everything went on the 31st of May. I will definitely recommend you for any event and wedding I am told about. You did everything so perfectly and beautifully with professionalism and style. Thank you so much for translating our thoughts and wishes into a concrete party that absolutely everyone enjoyed until the last minute."
– Mark & Cynthia
Here we are back from the amazing honeymoon :)
We didn't have the chance to chat a lot after the wedding and this is why we are writing to you today.
We would like to THANK YOU for all the effort and hard work you have put for the success of our big day. We are very grateful for that! Thank you also for your patience in responding to our questions and requests :)
We are hearing amazing feedback on the wedding.
We wish you all the best in your career and hope you will be growing it more and more...
Take care!"

– Joyce & Jad
“Surely the wedding wouldn't have been the same without you. We can't thank you enough for your efforts , care and contribution. We can't wait to have Strawberries & Champagne at your Big Day !
– Jean Paul & Manal
"Juste un petit geste pour avoir aide a rendre ce mariage aussi grandiose et si reussi!"
– Hoda Beydoun
"Just to Say... Thank you!!! We really enjoyed working with you, we love you :) "
– Samir & Christelle
"Dear Jessy ,
First of all I miss you and I think I will make another party soon just to have fun working with you. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed working with you, and how much I appreciate your efforts in all the details. Thank you is just a simple word compared to what I feel. Thank you again my dear."
– Fareah Al Saqqaf

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